The pine tree

In February 2020 we had to cut down an old pine in the garden that had become dangerous. At the same time I visited the David Nash exhibition at the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne. The exhibition led to the idea of using the wood for sculpture. Counting the rings the tree seems to be about 100 years old, which is the same age as the house. It is interesting to think that the tree may continue to contribute to this space in new ways.

I have been documenting this using Adobe Spark. Here is the link to this site. It is a much better record.

In spring 2022 I have reworked borders, decluttered and refined much of the garden and the ‘sculptures’ seem to be sitting comfortably in the space now. The wood is aging to silver grey and taking on a comfortably aged, cracked and mouldy patina. – which was always the intention. There are more sculptures to be made, but this year the task is to think through the planting. I am not a gardener so I need to do the research and ask friends.

Below are pictures of the sculptures in Spring 2022

Below are some earlier pictures.

From the outset, in February 2020, the idea was that some friends and I would have a weekend making sculptures. Covid-19 rather got in the way but we finally got together in October.

These are some images of progress to date.